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Practical Protection Podcast – Breaking Communication Barriers (60 mins CPD)

Hi everyone, I hoped you found the last episode with our special guest Simoney Kyriakou useful. We spoke about the good and not so good side of lead generation and steps that advisers should be taking to make sure that any leads come from reputable sources.

In this episode I’m chatting to Ross Linnett, CEO of Recite Me. Ross Linnett was diagnosed with dyslexia at university. From that point he started to realise just how much his dyslexia affected his ability to read and also have the motivation to engage with products/services that he knew would have a lot of forms. He came up with the idea to develop a user-friendly accessibility toolbar that could give people the ability to change websites to suit their needs.

Recite Me enables people to adapt websites in many ways, providing a text to speech function, custom styling features, reading support aids and a translation tool with over 100 languages, and more. We have it integrated into our website, the Special Risks Bureau, and you can see a quick 3 minute video that I have done over how it works.

I’m chatting to Ross about why this is so important from a moral point of view, but also the clear business arguments for doing it, you could be missing out on a huge amount of clients. We talk about what it is like when you are dyslexic and how when you are faced with insurance documentation, you sometimes avoid getting the insurances so that you don’t have to deal with the paperwork.

The 3 key takeaways:

  1. How providing accessible websites and services, is a legal requirement for UK businesses.

  2. Statistics show that businesses are losing out on 25% of their customers, through a lack of accessibility, estimated to be worth £7billion.

  3. Recite Me only requires a couple of lines of coding, to be integrated into your website, to improve your customer outreach.

Next week I will be chatting with Alison Esson from AIG. We are going to be talking about the different services that are available with the Smart Health support and why value added services are currently the biggest thing right now.

Once you have listened to the episode don’t forget to claim your CPD certificate here.

You may find that your work systems are not keen on the CPD form (it’s a google form). Please don’t worry if that is the case. Contact me on social media or through the website and I will be able to issue the certificate directly to you.

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