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Practical Protection Podcast – Added Value Services (60 mins CPD) & Childhood Bereavement

Hi everyone, I hoped you found my last episode with guest Ross Linnett from Recite Me useful. I think it really hit home the need to make sure that websites are accessible, because it is the right thing to do, and because of the amount of business you could be turning away from not doing it.

I’m bringing you two podcast overviews this week which both come under the added value service offerings.

In ‘Added Value Services’ I’m chatting with Alison Esson, Protection Propositions Manager at AIG. Alison talks about the added extras that can be available with insurance policies, the things that support clients throughout the whole policy, not just at a claim stage.

2020 has seen the NHS being stretched to its limits throughout the pandemic and GP waiting times and referrals have really been affected. Having a 24hr/7 days a week GP service to hand has been invaluable for those with access to it, and Alison talks through the increased statistics that support this. We also chat through other benefits such as general wellbeing, mental health, fitness and nutrition support.

In last week’s episode, Childhood Bereavement, Di Stubbs and Paul Moore from Winstons Wish joined me to chat about the work they do in supporting children and young people after the death of a loved one. They share the harrowing statistic that 111 children face a bereavement everyday in the UK, something that absolutely floored me, I needed a hug at the end of recording this one.

Next week I will be chatting with Alan Knowles, from Cura Financial Services and Chair of the PDG, about an income protection masterclass.

Once you have listened to the episode don’t forget to claim your CPD certificate HERE.

You may find that your work systems are not keen on the CPD form (it’s a google form). Please don’t worry if that is the case. Contact me on social media or through the website and I will be able to issue the certificate directly to you.

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