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NextGen Planners Podcast

Fresh, global insights on financial planning, every week.

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With your hosts:

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Amelia Hamilton

Dan Graham

Dan Graham

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Adam Carolan

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Rohan Sivajoti

Our latest episode:

Our past episodes:

Episode 217

Inheriting Tomorrow with Rish Sareen

Episode 216

Data Dynamics with Nicky Sevel

Episode 215

Financial Planning and ADHD with Yeara Rosenthal

Episode 214

Diversity of Thought with Linda Kelland

Episode 213

Building Better Teams with Olivia Maynard

Episode 212

The Power of Community with Laura Blake

Episode 211

Bridging the Wealth Gap with Bimpe Nkontchou

Episode 210

Tech Transformations with Ian Horne

Episode 208

The Empathy Edge with Keith Boyes

Episode 207

Planning with Purpose with Anthony West

Episode 206

The Impact of Storytelling with Charlie French

Episode 205

From Buyouts to Breakthroughs with James Thompson

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