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Episode 144

It's Not All Suits & Ties with Graham Taylor

financial planning, financial advice, financial advisers, nextgen, podcast

Episode 143

How Financial Planners can educate the world with Alexia & Margot from Your Juno

financial planning, financial planners, podcast, nextgen, business, entrepreneurs

Episode 142

Entrepreneurship in financial planning with Olly Betts

financial planning, financial planners, financial advice, financial education

Episode 141

How Financial Planners can close the Education Gap with Bryce Clark

financial planning, financial planners, exams, studying

Episode 140

How to Study Actively for Financial Planning Exams with Alex Langhorn

financial planning, financial planners, nextgen, community

Episode 139

The Future of Wealth with David Jones & Elliott Poole

George Kinder Podcast

Episode 138

The Best Financial Planning Question with George Kinder

Episode 137

Workplaces are the new classrooms with Stacey McKinnon

Episode 136

Forging Female Leaders with Kim Potgieter

Episode 135

Planning Lives Properly with Kris Amliwala

Episode 134

Embracing your Worth with Lauryn Williams

Episode 133

Ignoring The Noise with Taylor Beavis