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Fresh, global insights on financial planning, every week.

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With your hosts:

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Amelia Hamilton

Dan Graham

Dan Graham

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Adam Carolan

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Rohan Sivajoti

Our latest episode:

Our past episodes:

Tech Stack Show Episode 9

The Human Core of Financial Tech with Neil Parker

Tech Stack Show Episode 8

How AI could help financial planners access different markets with Alan Gurung

Tech Stack Show Episode 7

Tech-Human Synergy with Derek Gardiner

Tech Stack Show Episode 5

Examining the early practical uses of microsoft copilot and how paraplaning could evolve with Katie Cirjack

Tech Stack Show Episode 11

Balancing Science and Art in Financial Planning with Gary Winslow

Tech Stack Show Episode 10

Investing Smarter with AI with Chris Shuba

Tech Stack Show Episode 10

Putting advice in the palm of the client with John Mason

Tech Stack Show 6

Digital Progress on the Provider Side with Anthony Rafferty

Tech Stack Episode 4

A Futurist's Perspective on Finance and Technology with Charlotte Kemp

Tech Stack Episode 3

Predicting the Future of Financial Planning with Doug Fritz

Episode 235

Paraplanning: Past, Present and Future with Rebecca Tuck

Episode 234

Data Driven Decisions with Jen Lothian

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