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Episode 165

Using Social Media to Get Clients with Thomas Kopelman

Episode 164

Advice on Demand with Brian Byrnes

Episode 163

Inclusive Finance with Charlotte Phillips-Lynn

Episode 162

Modern Financial Planning with Bob Veres

Episode 161

The Mindset of High-Net-Worth Clients with Nancy Reid

Episode 160

Hybrid Financial Advice with Rob & Caroline from Ammonite

Episode 159

Fitting Fitness Into Your Busy Life with Andrew Marsham

Episode 158

Financial Capability for Everyone with Natalia Coe

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Episode 157

Designing Financial Services for Humans with Phil Courtenay

Episode 156

How Engaging with Investments Can Change The World with Florrie Holloway

Episode 155

Financial Planning for the Stigmatized with Lindsey Swanson

financial planning, financial advisers, nextgen, community, suitability reports

Episode 154

How to Make Suitability Reports Fun with Karen Malin