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Practical Protection Podcast – New Directions (30 mins CPD)

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed the finale of Season 2? I’m starting 2021 off with a brand new season and in this first episode I’m joined by new co-host, Roy McLoughlin, he’ll be a regular host on the podcast and we’ll be bringing you the latest developments in protection insurance and more. Roy will be sharing his knowledge of investments, pensions, protection and many other areas, a great addition to The PPP community.

In this first episode we talk about how we think it’s the perfect time to really drive home the importance of income protection to your clients. The need for us to try and get positive stories out into the public domain, to share the good that is happening within the industry and the potential of engaging with journalists to do this. The value of signposting clients to specialists if you are unable to meet your clients needs, not only for the benefit of your client, but also to make sure that you are truly treating customers fairly and meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

Listen to the episode here.

Another regular co-host will be underwriter Matt Rann, who has worked within the insurer, reinsurer and IFA industry for the last 42 years. We will be delving into different risk scenarios and discussing the potential underwriting outcomes for protection insurance, and looking into why these decisions are made.

Next week, I will be speaking with Helen Croft from AIG about coronavirus and the year ahead.

Once you have listened to the episode don’t forget to claim your CPD certificate here.

You may find that your work systems are not keen on the CPD form (it’s a google form). Please don’t worry if that is the case. Contact me on social media or through the website and I will be able to issue the certificate directly to you.

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