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Tech Stack Show Episode 5

Examining the early practical uses of microsoft copilot and how paraplaning could evolve with Katie Cirjack

Tech Stack Show Episode 5

In this episode of the TechStack Podcast Adam Carolan is joined by Katie Cirjak from Scale Up Paraplanning in Australia.

Here they talk about topics including:

Early Practical Uses of Microsoft Copilot: Discover how this tool is enhancing productivity and decision-making in finance.
The Benefits of Creating GPTs: Learn about the advantages of Generative Pre-trained Transformers in automating and personalizing financial advice.
Evolving Role of Paraplanners: Understand how AI and technology are transforming the responsibilities and opportunities for paraplanners.
Emerging Valuable Technologies: Highlighting the latest tech innovations proving indispensable for financial planning firms.
Workflow and Process Innovation: Discussing the significant changes in how financial planning services are delivered and managed, thanks to AI.

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