We help financial planners to grow and flourish.

Expert training and world-class resources  helping financial service professionals develop themselves and their peers.

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Who we help:

Financial Planning Community

Financial Planners & Paraplanners

Financial Service Heroes

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Financial Planning Business Owners

How we do it:


An inspiring bunch of financial pros trying to make our profession better every day. 

Our awesome community contains
hundreds of financial services heroes from all around the globe. All of whom have a combined mission: to foster innovation in financial planning and build a better profession.  

Financial Planning Community


We help financial planners grow, thrive and become world class across various different paths and ventures in the profession. 

This includes the following programs:


Helping Business Owners to get the most out of your trainees by providing your team members with expertly-built, personalised training and development plans which are aligned to their individual learning and communication styles.

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The accelerator program that helps financial planning business owners grow their businesses organically through expert coaching & support and world class resources.


A free, fun programme that trains financial service professionals the art of speaking in preparation for sharing their story at the global NextGen Planners Conferences.


Our Accredited Compliance Provider certificate, endorsing and approving the best compliance support in the financial planning profession.


Through our annual Conferences, our weekly podcasts, our blogs and our regular webinars, we work with experts to bring insights and fresh ideas into the financial planning profession.

NextGen Planners Podcast

Our values:

Quality Education

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

What our members say:

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Mary Hemingway

"I love being part of this energetic, forward thinking and inclusive community! Very highly recommended for all Financial Planners"

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Tom Kenny

"An amazing community of professionals from all walks of the industry that are willing to give their time and expertise to help push our industry forward. From insightful podcasts, helpful webinars and even an exam preparation course, being a member is worth every penny and I wish I’d have joined years ago"


Christiaan Coolen

"I wouldn't be where I am today without NextGen Planners. An outstanding community full of amazing people in the Financial Planning Profession."

Our awards: