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Empowering the future of

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The most engaged app-based community for finance professionals offering support from peers and world class training that helps you to grow and thrive.

Never stop learning.

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We know that being a finance professional is a process of continuously learning new things and improving yourself. We've been there.

That's why we've provided hours of learning materials and designed a community platform for you to learn from your peers to help you to grow & thrive.

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Financial Planners, Paraplanners & Administrators

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Finance Professionals in Training & Career Changers

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Financial Planning Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

A platform for the

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Our online community gives you an exclusive pass to the NextGen Planners app and web platform, unlocking access to all of our world class content and community.

Available to you wherever you are in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Your tribe is

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A diverse group of fresh thinkers & thought leaders.

Our friendly Community is the backbone of everything that NextGen Planners does. 

It is a collection of great people who share a common purpose: to make the financial planning profession a great place to be

On top of this, we also provide regular, modern content on a variety of topics in financial planning, to help you become the best financial professional you can be.

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Hours of CPD content

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The home of 

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in financial planning.

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NextGen Planners Academy

The modern, affordable route to qualification.

The NextGen Planners Academy is our modern online training programme, that helps financial professionals to pass the diploma exams in less time, and learn the skills required to become a great financial professional. 

The best part? It's INCLUDED in NextGen Planners membership for no extra cost (£15 + VAT a month)

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Wanting to

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We offer tailored support for the advanced exams.

If you're ready to take the next step towards becoming a Chartered Financial Planner, our expertly-designed Training Contract gives you everything you need to pass the Advanced Diploma in less time.

Not only that, but we provide you with advanced communication skills training and further financial planning techniques, too.


Financial Planning Back Office
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Making the financial planning process a doddle.

NextGen Planners Tech Stack is a fully integrated back office system and training that integrates all of your processes into one place.

Tech that helps true financial planning businesses to thrive

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We've won

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We're proud to have received a number of industry awards over the past few years, which are a testament to the fantastic work from the members our community.













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Modern Marketing for Finance Firms. 

We support forward-thinking financial planning businesses to build their brands, develop their materials and get more clients.

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