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Making the financial planning process a doddle.

NextGen Planners Tech Stack is a fully integrated CRM system and training that integrates all of your processes into one place.

For waaaaaay too long...

...the financial planning profession has been frustrated with a Tech Stack that doesn't do what we want it to do.

Financial Planning Back Office.png

The frustrations:

We know. We've been there.

Not using your tech stack to its full potential in your financial planning business.

Financial Planning Back Office

Your team aren't fully trained on how to use your tech stack and are frustrated by it.

Financial Planning Back Office

Your back office is clunky, out of date and doesn't integrate well with financial planning tools.

Financial Planning Back Office

The support you receive from your current financial planning back office provider isn't helpful.

The solution:

We don't promise silver bullets, but this is a powerful financial planning CRM training solution.

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A global piece of technology, re-engineered for financial planners. 

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Full, in-depth creative training & support on use of tech stack.

Financial Planning Back Office

A  financial planning back office solution pre-loaded with  the financial planning process & workflows.

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Powered by:

Financial Planning Back Office

The why:

You want to spend more time in front of clients, rather than worrying about your  technology and systems.

Integrate all of your processes into one place.

Gain more time to focus on the business and customising the client experience.

Communicate with your clients & collect data easily.

Save money on your technology package through efficiency.

Produce useful reports & suitability letters.

Save money by reducing friction in your processes.

Make remuneration & MI simple.

Overthink less about your financial planning back office solution.

Financial Planning Back Office

A simple, purpose-built system that works.

Financial Planning Back Office

Links with:

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and many more...

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What users say:

Here's what those in the Tech Stack Community think:

The process:

A new financial planning back office solution is just around the corner.




The Demo

You pick a time that works for you and we show you how all of this goes together. 

The Build

Our friendly team will help you get your financial planning back office solution up and running and working for your financial planning business. You also join our Tech Stack Hub and the community.

The Future

We will provide you with tons of training to make sure your team are up to speed, and give you all the resources you need to make it work for you.

What this costs

A simple price, with no hidden nasties.



per firm per month

  • Access to NextGen Planners' white-labelled version of Morningstar Wealthcraft

  • Full onboarding, setup and integrations

  • Friendly, accessible Training and Support all-year-round

  • Access to Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft 365 expertise, Support and Training

  • NextGen Planners help videos and instructions

  • Training and Support on Systems and Processes in your financial planning firm

  • Integrates with existing Microsoft Technology

  • The safety and security of Microsoft 

  • Learn how to leverage technology with other firms in a similar position

  • Increased efficiency and improved accountability throughout your business

  • Access to Microsoft’s extremely powerful firm dashboards

  • And much more...

First license:

Extra users:

£99+VAT per month

Book a demo

Use our easy booking system to book onto a 1-2-1 demo session with our Head of Strategy, Adam Carolan 👇

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