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What are the key benefits of taking time out of your day to participate in the world of social media

The benefits will clearly depend on your objectives.  Who are you looking to connect with and why?  What’s in it for them? Is it to build professional connections and introducers?  Talk with providers? The press? Keep up with industry news, attract new clients? Why are you there?

  1. Increased Revenue

  2. Increased Traffic to the website

  3. Following

  4. Decreased Marketing Expenses

  5. Leads

  6. Increased Client Support

  7. Increased Client Referrals

  8. Faster Closing

  9. Networks Community Building

  10. Awareness

  11. Brand – Differentiation

  12. Thought Leadership

  13. Innovation

  14. Content Exposure

  15. Optimum Representation

  16. Press Exposure

Today the biggest audience your social media will influence are not those in your immediate circle, it’s not with the clients you’ve already got – they already know you and have their opinions of you.  It’s their network and those prospects that haven’t met you yet that your social media will influence.

The influence that social media has on your business is being widely accepted by the advisers that I’ve communicated with – only 4% have said they wouldn’t consider using social media in their business.

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