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Welcome to the new look Adviser Lounge!

We hope you’ve all enjoyed your holidays – the team at Adviser Lounge certainly have, except for the one coder that was accidentally locked in the office through August. The good news is they made themselves busy, and when we returned we discovered a whole new-look website!

Important changes, other than the new colour scheme, are:

  1. We have moved the comments over to a system called “Disqus”. You might have come across this elsewhere on the ‘web. You can login with Twitter, or sign up with Disqus, to comment. We hope this will make comment threads easier for people to follow (Disqus can notify you on replies, for example)

  2. If you had an Adviser Lounge login, we will need to re-activate it behind the scenes. Because you no longer need one to comment, we will only be activating logins for people who would like to write an article. Please email, head to the Contribute page or Tweet Us to get in touch.

  3. As Adviser Lounge is run by a team of volunteers, we may have missed something in the refurb. If something you expect to work doesn’t, please get in touch

We are always looking for new contributors so if you want to start a conversation, a debate, or just have something to get off your chest, please let us know!

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