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War on complex language, jargon and passive sentences

Do you hate passive language?

I do. It’s so dull. It clogs up so much of the copy financial services companies write. You see passive language everywhere.

“The Investment Statement was sent out by our Customer Service team.” That’s passive.

“Our Customer Service Team sent out the Investment Statement.” And that’s active and so much better.

When I was Marketing Director at Bright Grey I waged war on passive language and extended that battle to complex language and jargon. I’m still proud when I see my old company winning awards for clear language.

I was delighted to recently interview Rhys Williams on the Marketing Protection and Finance (MPAF) Podcast. I’ve wanted to get Rhys on the podcast since day one because I share his passion and that of his company, Quiet Room. And that is to communicate simply – with no jargon, complex language or passive sentences.

It’s great to listen to Rhys’s advice on how to use clear language on even the most complex subjects. He believes that when you’re good at using words, you’re not just better at winning customers or closing deals. You’re better at explaining your ideas, sharing your enthusiasm, and getting stuff done.

Please have a listen to what Rhys has to say using the player below.

Or you can link to the podcast page here: Rhys Williams on Using Clear Language in Financial Services.

I’d welcome any comments you have on Rhys’s ideas. Comments can be entered in the box below. Sorry. You can enter comments in the box below.

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