NextGen Planners Training Contract

Build a team of financial planning champions.

We help business owners and operations managers grow their businesses by building training plans for their future stars.

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Trying to grow your team of financial planners, grow your business and work with clients can be mind-boggling. 

We know...

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that you want to have a brilliant team of financial planners. For that, you need a clear and actionable training plan for each team member that is fully personalised.

We understand...

that it's stressful trying to run your financial planning business whilst also dedicating the time to growing your team. We know that because we've been in that position.

We believe...

that you deserve a training plan for your team, that removes the guesswork and gives you the time to focus on your business requirements and client needs.

That's why...

our multi-award-winning programme helps business owners and operations managers build training plans for their team, so that you can be confident that your team are being trained properly and you have the time to focus on the business.

A great training plan can turn this:

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Dealing with an overflowing list of tasks and responsibilities

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The task of training your team without knowing how to

No Time.png

Looking to grow your business but don't have the time to train new financial planners


Worry that your team of financial planners aren't being trained properly

...into this:


Gain back the time to focus on growing your financial planning business

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Peace of mind knowing that you have a training plan in place


Build a team of expertly-trained financial planning champions

Happier team.png

A happier team who feel supported and know what success looks like

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Have more time to focus on the needs of your clients

More clienbts.png

Take on more clients in less time with the help of your financial planners

Trained properly.png

Be confident that your team are team are being trained properly

Attractive Package.png

Provide a more attractive package to future recruits

What we will do:

Create a personalised training and development plan for each of your team members, focusing on their strengths, weaknesses, communication styles and learning styles.

Give your team members support and digestible video content to help them pass their exams.

Provide cashflow modelling, communication skills and negotiation skills training.

What we won't do:

Give you a ‘one-size fits all’ training plan that doesn’t take your team’s learning styles into consideration.

Solely provide your team with boring textbooks and exam papers that they won’t read or use.

Supply your team with the content and then run, without holding them accountable.

What's included:

Virtual Classroom Sessions.png

Virtual Classroom Sessions and Tutorials

Peer to Peer Support.png

Peer-to-Peer Support


Videos & Written Content in Challenge format

Cashflow Modelling Training.png

Cashflow Modelling Training

Personalised Development plan.png

A Personal Development Plan for each candidate

Skills & Behaviour Classroom Days.png

Skills & Behaviour Classroom Days

Revision Guides.png

Revision Guides and Sessions

CII Exam Entry.png

CII Exam Entry & Study Materials

...and much more!

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Available 24/7 on our innovative platform and app.

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Our Process:

1. Explore

We’ll spend time with you looking at your training needs and where you want the business to get to.

2. Plan

We’ll build a training plan for your team members that is specifically designed for them and their learning and communication styles.

3. Prevail

We’ll check on how your financial planning champions are getting on, and make sure everything is going smoothly.

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