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The Russell Study Group

…is looking to recruit 6 new members.

Why should you join?

The Russell Study Group is a self-help organisation which meets every quarter; three times a year in London and normally once/year at a European city destination, promoting IFA continuous professional development.

Each meeting typically comprises a “round the table” discussion, giving a great insight into the workings of various IFA businesses, focusing on opportunities, issues and ideas about best practice. Additionally, we normally invite one or two specialist guest speakers, focussing on a topical subject such as tax, pensions/investments and financial planning.

I have been attending the RSG for 11 years. I can think of no occasion upon which I have attended, in which I did not leave the session with at least one good nugget of information, which has been invaluable in improving the way I run my business and look after clients.

The group is attended by IFA owner/managers who are regarded as being relatively high achievers in terms of their profitability and professional expertise.

We invite those who are interested in joining to attend the first session at the cost of the RSG. Successful applicants would then agree to pay annual membership fees currently of £400/year, payable by standing order.

Please contact me: if you are interested or want to find out more.

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