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Self-awareness and personality profiling

How can it help your advisory practice?

Have you noticed that not all people respond to you in the same way? Only when we understand ourselves and others can we adapt our communication and approach to have a more positive impact on clients and colleagues, to improve relationships and co-operation.

Greater self-awareness allows us to understand our motivators, how we prioritise, how we react to others, and how our behaviours might be perceived by others.

Psychometric assessments, such as the DiSC profile, is used by businesses all over the world to improve performance and provides a structured approach to assessing individuals and teams. It can also be used to great effect by advisers to improve their interaction with clients.

More effective advisers

With a higher self-awareness, advisers will have a better understanding of how their own personal style and preferences may help or hinder them in client interactions.

It is rarely appropriate to ask clients to complete the DiSC assessment, but with a good understanding of the DiSC framework, the adviser can observe clients and relatively quickly form a good picture of where in the DiSC framework clients are likely to be.

This insight can help the adviser to adapt their style to more effectively communicate, build relationships and tailor advice to their clients’ particular individual preferences.

More effective leadership

With a higher level of self-awareness, leaders have greater understanding of what drives themselves and others. They can adapt their management style and provide more tailored, clear communication taking into account the personal preferences and characteristics of the people they manage. This approach boosts motivation, performance, wellbeing and loyalty.

More effective teams

When the DiSC profile is taken by a whole team it opens up discussions around team dynamics, relationships, communication, conflict, decision making processes etc. It can be a rewarding bonding process, giving team members a voice, whilst allowing everyone to have a better understanding of the drivers, motivators, and indeed demotivators of their colleagues.

Instead of differences leading to conflicts, the team can start to look at leveraging diversity, and together look at how their combined profile will give strengths to the team in some areas. The profile may also highlight potential weaknesses in other areas if the team is not diverse enough!

When a whole team takes the profile, it’s possible to produce combined group culture reports which can help shape strategies for improving working practices with different personality types.

DiSC profiling takes just 20 minutes per person and has long lasting effects. Results are always memorable for the individual, and the change in team dynamics and client relationships can run deep, as each has a greater appreciation of the other.

Quiver Management is a recognised partner with Everything DiSC. Jan Bowen-Nielsen is a certified trainer. If you would like to discuss the merits of DiSC profiling further, please get in touch with Jan via email:

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