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Tech Stack Episode 4

A Futurist's Perspective on Finance and Technology with Charlotte Kemp

Tech Stack Episode 4

In this episode of the TechStack Podcast brought to you by the NextGen Planners Podcast, host Francois du Toit is joined by Charlotte Kemp, the Futures Alchemist, to explore the fascinating intersection of futurism and financial planning.

Charlotte delves into the concept of futures thinking, explaining how adopting a forward-thinking mindset is crucial for both financial advisors and their clients in navigating the complexities and rapid changes brought about by technology.

She discusses the role of financial advisors as futurists, the importance of preparing for various future scenarios, and the impact of technological advancements like AI on the industry.

Through engaging conversation, Charlotte offers valuable insights into embracing change, the significance of mindset, and the potential risks and opportunities that lie ahead, providing a comprehensive understanding of how to thrive in an uncertain future.

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