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Why are we doing this?

In our first-ever NextGenorama we are going to be delving into each of the different parts of NextGen Planners and discovering how we can help you to grow and flourish as a financial service hero 🚀

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Our Vision

Our vision at NextGen Planners is to empower the financial planning community to turbo-charge world-class, innovative, inclusive and collaborative people and businesses

The NextGen Community has grown exponentially over the years and there are parts of NextGen Planners that you may never have seen before.

These parts help you become the best version of yourself by assisting in building your business or accessing an awesome community full of people just like you.

In NextGenorama, we’ll showcase the very best of NextGen Planners to help you on your journey.

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Our Mission

We achieve our vision by unearthing and untangling the biggest challenges in financial planning that prevent people and businesses from becoming world-class.

We will take you into the world of NextGen Planners and discover how our community can help you to grow and flourish!

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You can use the button opposite to sign up for free access to NextGenorama

Shortly after you have signed up you will receive your exclusive access link to watch the show on the 5th May!

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