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I turned 30 two weeks ago.

Yes that’s right – I’m a Millennial.  Oh yeah.  One of those folk that apparently many are trying to pamper to in the “industry” (I understand many of you won’t be).

Place after place I go I hear all about who Millennials are and how to target them (usually from old blokes in suits). The irony is too much.

So here’s what you’ve heard right?

We’ve got no money.  We’re all heavily indebted. We have beards. We wear thick rimmed glasses. We have tattoos. We live in Shoreditch. Bathing is optional. Punctuality is unheard of. Laziness is rife.

I just want to clarify a few points above from a personal perspective.

I have some money. I own a house. I don’t have tattoos. I live in Darlington. I shower (at least twice a week…). I pride myself on my punctuality and my work ethic.

I am the complete opposite of the “template Millennial”.

But how can that be?

We like to group people into buckets.  That’s fair enough.  Most good advisers/planners that I know target niches. The key is that they target niches based on behaviours, employment and lifestyles (amongst other things) – not the year you popped out of your mamma’s opening. 

Using Millennials as your sole focus is doomed to fail. 

We’re all different.  It’s what makes us all remotely interesting. I don’t want to be in a bucket.  Nobody wants to be in a bucket. I’m an individual. One thing I heard recently was “Millennials want things quicker, easier and free”.

Hold on a sec.

Quicker, easier and free? Don’t we all want that? If you really want to cater to the next generation of people then just do things better and peak their interests.

You’ll find that also appeals to everyone and not just Millennials. 

Rocket science right?

Every time I see the word Millennials I know it’s immediately followed by self serving toss. 



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