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I feel the need…the need for speed!

A recent article in shows the UK as being the third slowest when it comes to the time taken in the hiring process (28.6 days). Growing hiring times

The article shows a number of reasons for this including additional vetting touch points that all add to the overall interview process timeline. Larger corporates are shown to take longer than SME businesses; one could argue that having a longer process equals an overall better hire, however when faced with a candidate driven marketplace, is a longer drawn out process really the right way to go? Will you lose out to your competitors for quality talent if your hiring process is too long-winded?

I’ve alluded to ‘speed’ here, however it’s speed, really, in terms of efficiency and getting the basics right in the first place.

Before you embark on the hiring process have a well-defined plan in place:

  1. Decide on what the role looks like

  2. What skill set and personal qualities your business needs

  3. Invest time in preparing a detailed role profile

  4. Map out who needs to be involved in the interview process and when those people are available

  5. Don’t start to search for a new employee when key decision-makers that need to be involved in the interview process are away on holiday or through other work commitments are just not available for a few weeks as this can lead to valuable time being spent on initial interviews and then being lost if decision-makers aren’t available to conclude the process, as the candidate is likely to accept an offer from a firm that’s handled the process more quickly and efficiently

  6. If you’re using a recruiter then use them to expedite the process i.e. if online technical testing and/or psychometric testing is part of the process then ask your recruiter to help arrange this with the candidate(s). They can send the appropriate links on your behalf and encourage their candidate(s) to complete any requirements during the process say between first and second interview.

Remember your chosen recruiter acts as your ambassador but also has more of a relationship, at this point, with the candidate too.

Really it’s all in the planning; know what you want and plan ahead; this may help you a guide to finding the right person

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