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An innovative celebration of the next generation of financial planning.

11th - 12th July 2024

Titanic Hotel, Liverpool

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We do things differently here.

This conference breaks free from traditional tired formats and Groundhog Day presentations.  


The elements conference gives a platform to new ideas and new voices in the world of finance.


This is a true celebration of the financial planning profession, bringing together some of the best talent in financial planning and creating a strong, close-knit community.

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Innovative ideas

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No boring talks

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No dress code

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Our Conference format gives you the time and space to connect with great people in one place.

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Thursday 11th July 2024


7PM - Late

The evening before the big day, we take a night to catch-up with old friends, make new friends and have a blast with our peers.


To add to this, we also have our annual awards ceremony, recognising the best in our profession, live music, food and drinks and much, much more.


This gives you the chance to meet old friends and make new ones in a more relaxed setting before a day full of inspiring content. 


There will be dancing!

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Awards Ceremony

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Keynote Speaker

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Live Music

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Food & Drinks

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Friday 12th July 2024

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All day (Morning & Afternoon)


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The big day.


This year, we have four stages that will be in use all day of the Conference, giving us the freedom and space to present new ideas and hear from awesome speakers.


Included in this festival format will be a hand-picked selection of micro-keynotes from fantastic thought leaders in our profession, innovative panels on big topics and a final keynote speaker, too. Plus, other workshops and our fantastic sponsors. 

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New voices from the world of finance.


An immersive conference experience.

One of the most unique things about our conferences is the amount of content that we can fit into a single day, meaning more than just one conversation can be happening at once.


We do this by using state of the art silent headset technology that allows delegates to choose from simultaneous sessions in each of our stage areas, and giving them control over the content that they want to engage in.


Our delegates say they love the festival vibe that these create.

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State of the art Silent Headset Technology

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Titanic Hotel, Liverpool

For this year's elements conference, we have chosen one of the most iconic buildings on the Liverpool waterfront.


The Rum Warehouse and associated rooms at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool gives our delegates the chance to engage with their peers and friends in beautiful surroundings, in a light-hearted and colourful format.

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Great transport links

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Central Location

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Iconic, historic building

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World Class Catering

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There are a limited number of hotel rooms available for delegates, giving you the chance to stay at this beautiful venue as part of your experience.

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This is not a conference where you sit and listen all day in the same seat. 

Our multi-stage format gives you full control of the panels and sessions that you wish to attend, across our
16 BIG Topics on the day.

All of our panels and speakers will be announced in the next few months!

Hear the voices of future leaders in finance.

Our micro-keynote speakers share fresh new perspectives on their journey in financial planning each year, and bring countless new ideas to the financial planning profession.

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Our keynote speaker...

Amy Williams MBE

Amy is a gold-medal-winning British Skeleton athlete, TV Personality and Motivational Speaker.

She won a gold medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, Great Britain’s first Gold Medal in an individual event for 30 years, and the first by a woman for 58 years.

Today, Amy is a Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker, as well as being an ambassador for British Sport all around the world.

Some kind words...


"It was truly inspiring to be surrounded by a community that is passionate about driving positive change in financial planning"

- Lewis Byford, Attendee 2023


"You have set the bar high but each year, push it just that little bit more."

- Ellie Clark, Attendee since 2017


"This is my favourite conference of the year, and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the financial planning community"

- Clara Metcalfe, Attendee 2023


Tickets are now on sale for this event in limited numbers.

Members of the NextGen Planners Community get 50% off all tickets to this event.

Not yet a member? Join us here.

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