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Join the Elite:
NextGen Planners
Business Membership

Unlock unparalleled growth and efficiency with the exclusive NextGen Planners Business Membership. Designed for forward-thinking firms, our membership offers a comprehensive suite of tools, training, and resources to propel your business to the next level and bring up to 9 teammates with you.

Exclusive Discounts

Leverage significant savings on essential software and services that NextGen Planners have negotiated on your behalf.

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Ten Individual Memberships

Empower your team. This includes 10 full individual NextGen Planners memberships for your firm.

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AI Powered CPD

Firm Dashboard

Monitor and manage your whole teams CPD seamlessly with our professional body agnostic, intuitive dashboard, hundreds of hours of quality content and full management oversight.

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Exclusive Discounts

Leverage significant savings on essential software and services that NextGen Planners have negotiated on your behalf.

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Ready-to-Use Templates

Access our extensive library of HR, business, training and design templates.

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Exclusive Event Access

Gain priority access to purchase tickets for our annual retreat, a must-attend event for networking and learning from your peers.

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Elite Accreditation

Enhance your firm's credibility with our official NextGen Planners Elite accreditation.

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Monthly Power Hours

Engage with other business leaders, share insights, and problem solve during our exclusive monthly power hours.

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Full access to the NextGen Planners Academy plus…

  • Admin team courses and training

  • Technology training and user groups

  • Xero Training

Future Leaders Programme

Cultivate the next generation of leaders within your firm with our specialised content tailored for future leaders.

Promote Opportunities with Job Advertisements

Attract top talent by advertising your job openings on our platform and jobs board.

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Innovation Labs

Gain access to the home of all things tech innovation, implementation and how it's implemented in real life. 

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AI Training for Non-Techies

Expert sessions with a world leading AI trainer to get to grips with a new world.

Hear from our members:
Why join Business Membership?

Rich Ellis - Ellis Davies

"We have fully supported the values and objectives of NextGen Planners since becoming members in 2017. Business Membership looks to be an excellent and timely offering for firms like ours who are in the growth phase. We look forward to making use of the new membership benefits to help us build and embed AI within our business, ensure we optimise our use of Adviser Tech and help grow our people."

Tom Morris - Ovation Finance

"We’re really excited about the NextGen Business Membership. The added resources, support and collaboration opportunities will be brilliant for the team here at Ovation. This will help us to continue to improve the business and the service we offer our clients."

Gretchen Betts - Magenta Financial Planning

"We’ve chosen to utilise the new business membership with NextGen Planners because we know this will empower our entire team, providing for the first time at every level of the business, access to amazing training and events and extra support to remain ahead in regards best practice. We love that this is being made available easily for all levels of the business, shaping new leaders, training the planners of the future, keeping us abreast of tech developments and ensuring those in support roles can be the best they can be and as part of the NextGen Planners Community."

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Ready to Transform Your Business?


Sign up today and embark on a journey towards unprecedented success and efficiency. Join the NextGen Planners Business Membership and lead your firm into the future.

Monthly Cost:

£100 + VAT
per month

(most popular!)

Annual, one-off Cost:

£1,000 + VAT
per year

More than 10 people in your firm?

Get in touch below, and we can discuss our Enterprise Membership with you.

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