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I have been bleating on for ages about how rebates serve NO-ONE and often get told that we need them to deliver the service we promise. I have not yet been persuaded that any argument is stronger than the needs of the client so I wondered whether it is worth looking at a straw poll of the profession on this.

I understand some businesses are supported by the rebates, but for the client they mean absolutely nothing. In fact, I suggest they go some way to unsettling an uneasy level of trust that we are starting to get with the wider public.

Banning rebates will create serious headaches and may damage some businesses, but everyone has been working towards transparency on the professional side, so any damage incurred by the industrial side is either down to its own arrogance or complacency.

The question I would like to know is, ‘SHOULD ALL REBATES BE BANNED?’

If you have a view, feel free to comment otherwise simply answer below with a yes or no and let’s see if we can all agree that rebates should go.

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