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An exclusive look at the trailer for Boom!

Around this time last year, I had an idea.

After writing a number of books, I wanted to make a feature-length documentary about the demographic phenomenon of the post-war Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement age.

This is something that is going to have a massive impact on all financial advisers. Over the next 20 years or so, millions of these Baby Boomers will be retiring, moving out of the accumulation phase of their lives and needing expert advice to manage not just money, but all aspects of later life.

So I started planning the movie. What did I want to cover, who did I want to speak to and what were the key messages.

It turns out that movie making these days is within the reach of anyone with a DSLR camera and the willingness to watch tutorial videos on YouTube.

After months of planning, I filmed my first interview in February and then went on to film another 14 experts across the UK. We also hosted a Death Cafe and visited The 50+ Show to capture additional footage.

With all of that material in the can, I had each interview transcribed and wrote out the key points on nearly 200 index cards. These were spread across our meeting room table, using a three act structure, to start building the timeline of the documentary.

With that created, it was time to lock myself in my office for a few more months, editing the movie on a Mac using Final Cut Pro. There is no way of describing what a tedious and painstakingly slow process this in, but with some perseverance came a 64 minute long feature-length documentary.

After running a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter during the summer, I had the funds to pay for a professional narrator, the prize-winning financial journalist Paul Lewis, and last week I went up to BBC Broadcasting House to collect the audio files he had recorded.

The movie was finished at the last week and my attention has now shifted towards marketing the film, in time for its release during Financial Planning Week in November.

Rather than create a trailer from footage in the movie itself, I’ve opted for a voice over style trailer, using an American actor for that authentic movie trailer feel.

Because The Adviser Lounge have been such great supporters of this project, here is an exclusive first look at the official movie trailer for Boom! Demographics Are Destiny:

Attendees at the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) annual conference will have the opportunity to watch the full movie on Monday 6th October. It will then be shown at a number of pop up screenings across the UK in late November, before being released on DVD and through Vimeo on Demand on 1st December.

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