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Adviser Lounge is getting a new coat of paint

The Adviser Lounge team have packed their sun cream and Speedos and are all off to a very secretive and exclusive holiday resort for August (ok fine, Torquay).

In the meantime we will have the decorators in. Expect a fresh new look, new comment functionality, less annoying login requirements and more of the same high quality comment, opinion and discussion that you’re used to.

That doesn’t, however, mean we aren’t still open to having your articles. In fact, it would be great if you could get writing so that we’ve got lots to post when we get back!

So, get writing, sharpen your opinions, bring out your ideas for sharing, and let’s get ready for an autumn of sharing and debate!

We may experience technical hiccups as the new coat of paint is applied, so please feel free to email and articles/ideas to 

See you in September with our sun tans.

Enjoy your summer holidays everyone!

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