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The accelerator platform helping financial planning firms become world class 🚀.

We help financial planning business owners grow their businesses organically through expert coaching & support and world class resources.

Whether you want to build an empire or not, success comes with growth.

We know that you want to be...

A business owner or operations manager that runs and grows a successful financial planning business with the least amount of operational friction in the business as possible.

We believe...

That you deserve a service that helps you run an effective process and grow your financial planning business.

We understand that...

There is nothing out there that currently helps small financial planning firms with the support that they need to grow their business. 

That's why...

We help financial planning business owners and operations managers with an accelerator platform for growth that helps give them the knowledge, support and resources required to grow.

It's frustrating when:


You don't know where to go next to grow your financial planning business

Full Task List.png

You don't have the right resources to run your business

No Time.png

You're wasting time and money on technology that doesn't work for you


You feel like you have no support to help you on your journey

...we help you by:


Providing hundreds of templates for use in your business


Saving you money on your technology package


Saving you money through reducing inefficient processes 

Peer to Peer Support.png

Giving you a support group of like-minded financial planning firms

Monthly Coaching & Accountability that suits you.

We get to know you, what you are looking for and where you want to go with your financial planning business.

Our coaching team will catch-up with you on a monthly basis to support you in staying on track.

Rohan Sivajoti

Rohan is there for those who are about to launch or have recently launched their own financial planning business. 

He will help you get it off the ground and gather some momentum.

Our coaches:

Untitled design (6).png
Rohan Sivajoti.png

Adam Carolan

Adam helps those businesses who are looking to grow and scale their business to reach the next level.

He helps established businesses with clarity of goals, message and building of systems & processes.

What we will do:

Provide you with marketing, HR, finance and operations templates for your financial planning business.

Give you access to a community of other like-minded financial planners who also use the system.

What we won't do:

Give you the resources and run.

Simply give you the knowledge without holding you accountable.

Dictate how you grow your business. It’s yours to grow.

Be on-hand to support you throughout the process and hold you accountable through our coaching.

Available 24/7 on our intuitive platform and app.

NextGen Planners Community - Computer.png
NextGen Community.png

Features & Pricing:


Monthly Coaching & Accountability Sessions from Specialists

Community of like-minded peers

Regular group sessions with other business owners to share ideas and challenges

Marketplace containing discounts on loads of software & services

Library of templates & models including marketing, HR, leadership and more

Regular Video & Written Content

Regular events on big topics to help you grow your business

Technology Solution & Training (coming very soon)

(Tech Stack only)

View all of the discounts available in our Marketplace

All of this and more for:

NextGen Planners Members:

£99+ VAT

Per Month

Sign up below:

Advice Stack is exclusively for NextGen Planners members. You can sign up to Advice Stack ® below:


Take the Business Benchmark Test!

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Answer 22 questions and we’ll send you a personalised report on how to grow your financial planning business.

Ready to grow?

Adam Carolan

Book in a quick call with our Head of Strategy, Adam Carolan.

Find out more about our process and the service and get any questions answered.

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