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Will we move from debate to action?

Thanks to Adviser Lounge I think we are seeing some good debate on savings and pensions. Some good ideas.  Interesting to note the comments on Adviser Lounge  versus other media outlets. No trolls, just people agreeing or disagreeing in a mature way. Great advert for the industry/profession.

And it struck me, in the last 2 weeks we have had advisers, commentators and  providers all in the same virtual room discussing the problem.   Isn’t that the best way to solve some of the biggest challenges we have in our industry?

I don’t mean as a PR stunt. I mean as a real debate, that produces a series of recommendations that are radical, that can be taken forward as a way to change the way people interact with savings. And the recommendations I’m talking about need to be meaty, not glib. We all know we need to engage people earlier. It’s the how that needs some thought.

It would be pretty easy to set up such a group, but no-one has.  The providers won’t, as it will either be viewed as a cynical attempt to curry favour with one group or another, or they don’t want to expose some of their thinking to competition. And of course the biggest reason, few are willing to leave ego or self interest at the door. Advisers don’t because there isn’t a body that really pulls this stuff together. Regulator won’t because – well just because. And government won’t for reasons highlighted in Greg’s post.

So who will?  We all care about this stuff, and if the posts in this lounge are anything to go by most have opinions. I often think the IFP could be well positioned to lead this kind of debate. Be interested to hear if you think it’s worthwhile to try and get something off the ground that is more than a talking shop, that presents a coherent action plan to government?  And who would have credibility to make it happen?

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