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What is social media?

Social media is simply the zillions of conversations that are happening online every day – on blogs, in forums, across social networks, through photo and video sharing, bookmarking, gaming and the hundreds of other ways people and companies are connecting easily and openly on line.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest these are social networks.

Social media allows people locally and globally to connect over common interests, which builds trust and influence and builds communities where people make recommendations, review products and services and have a voice.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Your networth is directly linked to your net work”?  Well social media allows you to put your networking on steroids.

Your networth is directly linked to your net work.

A lot of people get excited by the number of fans or followers  – the reality is its more about who you’re connected with than how many.

And with so many conversations happening (most of which wont be of interest to you) the question is who do you want to connect with, why do you want to connect with them, how will that benefit you and more importantly how will it benefit them?  Once you know that – go out and find them.

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