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The 3 Top Things I have learnt from our podcast

We are now heading towards episode 30 of the NextGen Planners Podcast.

If you haven’t seen or heard about these podcasts, then where have you been?!  Seriously though you can find us here –

We have been really lucky to have some great guests and some extremely impressive people within inside and outside the profession.  I have been amazed at how generous people have been with their time to promote the profession.

I thought it would be useful at this point to jot down some common themes from the various podcasts and maybe spark some debate:

The best are constant learners.

This stood out from day 1.  The best at their craft continually learn, try and adapt.  They understand that businesses and situations evolve and they enjoy learning new ways to do things.  As Alan Smith puts it in episode 24, they don’t mind writing cheques out for themselves and invest in their development.

They all believe in what they are doing.

In Financial Planning, it seems we are often fragmented and spend a huge amount of time debating internally over the best way to do things.  What has struck me in every podcast is that the best have meaning in their work.  They believe in what they are doing.  Whether it is the great work Carl Richards is doing  (episode 14 ) or Chris Marr, the content marketing guru (episode 21) , each expert on the podcast is passionate about their craft and it comes through within the interviews.

We talk a lot about finding your audience

The topic of niche audience is a regular theme in the podcasts as financial advice starts to move towards technology and commoditisation.  Understanding who you serve and working out how to market and deliver a service towards this niche seems to be more important than ever.  This comes out in multiple podcasts, particularly the ones where we talk about new clients and marketing like in Episode 19 with Brad Johnson.  At NextGen Planners we believe that being a specialist will be a required skill in the future along with qualifications and excellent communication skills.

Thank you

Just a quick thank you to all our listeners so far.  We are really surprised by the amount of listeners we have had for the podcast.  We aim to give value in every podcast and ask the questions that lead to solutions and answers.  If you have a story that you think would be relevant please get in touch with us at

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