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Changing the face of financial planning events

We help financial service professionals all around the world develop their public image, flourish into thought leaders and deliver show-stopping talks.


Events in financial services are still being dominated by the same, lethargic speakers with the same old ideas.

We're working hard at breaking that up, but to do that we need YOUR help. 

We know...

that the idea of speaking in front of an audience is terrifying, but you know that you have some great ideas that the world needs to hear.

We believe...

that the world is crying out for your fresh, new ideas, and you should be proud to convey these innovations to the world.

That's why...

our award-winning program helps you to develop your message, increase your confidence and break out of the comfort zone.

Our programme turns this:


Fear of public speaking and being ridiculed in front of people

Training Your Team.png

Having great ideas with no where to share them

Comfort Zone.png

Being stuck in the comfort zone and not trying anything new

Old fashioned ideas.png

Financial planning events dominated by old fashioned ideas

...into this:

Happier team.png

Confident speakers who are proud to share their message


The opportunity to speak in front of a large global audience


A platform for sharing your awesome ideas with the world


Knowledge that you've pushed yourself out of the comfort zone


Increasing your influence in the financial planning profession

Peer to Peer Support.png

Build up a cohort of friends all over the world

Trained properly.png

A wave of fresh new ideas into financial planning events


Increased confidence in every day situations

What we will do:

Help you to develop your message and public speaking skills

Provide you with full support throughout

Give you expert advice and guidance from professionals in this field

What we won't do:

Script your message for you. This is YOUR message and you must commit!

Give you the resources and materials and leave you to it

Force you to do anything that you don't want to do.

What's included:

Virtual Classroom Sessions.png

Virtual Training Sessions and Tutorials

Skills & Behaviour Classroom Days.png

Sessions with professional coaches

Revision Guides.png

Guidance on developing your message

Peer to Peer Support.png

Peer-to-Peer Support and FUN!

...and much more!

Delivered on our intuitive platform and app.

NextGen Planners Community - Computer.png
NextGen Community.png

Our Process:

1. Apply

You let us know why you're interested in taking part and what you hope to get from the programme.

2. Develop

We’ll work with you over the course of the next few months to help you develop your message and the skills to deliver it.

3. Deliver

You deliver your awesome talk at the global NextGen Planners Conference 2023.

Untitled design (5).png

Our program is award-winning...

"An impressive approach through actually increasing the reach of the vent, not being afraid to spread over a full week, the coaching element for speakers was crucial, and strong engagement."

Judging Panel


Award Winners
Become a member here (1).png

"Adam’s work in helping individuals develop and perfect their stage presence, and therefore provide additional voices to the world of financial services, was the driving factor behind his nomination. He has been instrumental in creating a global speaker and influencer program, designed to provider diversity and empower new people in financial services."

Judging Panel

The cost:



Yep, this doesn't cost you a penny.

We're absolutely committed to changing the face of financial planning and fostering innovation in our profession, so this is all on us and our fantastic sponsors.

The only thing we ask for from you is your
FULL commitment and effort.

Eligibility & Deadline:

You must be working in financial services in any role

You must be willing to commit to your development

There is no age limit, but you should have modern ideas and a fresh way of thinking.

Deadline to apply: 18th November 2022

Apply now:

You can apply for the Programme in minutes using the button below:

Or, schedule a call:

Adam Owen.png

Book in a quick call with our Head of Content, Adam Owen.

Find out more about our process and the programme and get any questions answered.

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