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Quick guide: Get more of your best thinking

There are many factors involved in the process of creating, running and continually improving your business.

Getting clients, servicing them, building an infrastructure, innovating, responding to changes…Success in any of these activities is under-pinned by the quality of thinking that is brought to each one.

A client and I were talking about this and I shared the fact that…

Your mind has an in-built design for success (another way of saying this is that your mind is designed to always give you the thinking you need when you need it).

However, he immediately came back at me by saying that not all his thinking was helpful!

Fair point and I thought it would be useful to write something about this because our thinking can be our best friend or, at times, our worst enemy.

Would you like more of your best thinking and less of the thinking that holds you back? And imagine what this could do for your results?

Understanding the human operating system

In your body there are literally trillions of biological processes going, moment-by-moment. Every cell, organ and system are working in perfect unison to keep you functioning optimally.

Even the slightest change in the external environment will lead to a response in your body. If the temperature changes then your body will immediately respond to keep your core temperature at 37 degrees.

How much involvement do you have in this?

Obviously, you have no conscious involvement. You are not thinking about any of it because there is an organising intelligence taking care of it for you.

This intelligence also runs the human mind.

At all times we have responsive, appropriate and intelligent thinking available to us. Yet, as my client said, our thinking can get the better of us.

For many people, over-thinking takes up a huge amount of their mental bandwidth and is experienced as anything from irritating to completely debilitating.

But have you noticed that there are some people that never seem to get wound up?

And I am sure you can remember times when, despite challenging circumstances, you were as calm as a summer sea.

The reason is that at these times we see thought for what it is – just thought – we do not get hoodwinked by our thinking and we simply let it go.

But when we forget what we are experiencing is thought and instead attribute the cause of how we feel to something else then it leads to negative thinking, tension and stress.

All of which stifles creative thinking.

Something I found extremely valuable was when I realised that the ‘difficult’ parts of my business (and life) were not inherently difficult at all. The difficulty was being created in my own mind.

If you similarly look at any part of your own life that seems difficult and factor in thought, then you will see that the ‘difficult’ bit is the thinking, not the circumstances.

Our job is not to take on the burden of trying to think ourselves through life.

If we do this then we are doing the psychological equivalent of trying to run all the processes in our body – impossible, overwhelming and totally unnecessary.

To get more of our best thinking we simply need to trust the brilliance of the design.

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