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Practical Protection Podcast – A Claims Journey

Hi everyone,

This week I am extending on the last podcast episode where I spoke to Sue, a Red Arc Nurse, on her role helping people through their work as a value added service to protection insurance.

Something that stands out to me is that as an industry we are changing our focus upon what insurance can give somebody. It’s no longer just about the claim. Value added benefits and the way that an insurer supports someone during the claim process, are now often seen as just as important as the insurance payout itself.

On this week’s episode I am chatting to Lindsay Mason, my colleague at Cura, who has been through some significant events this year. I will start by saying that I am in complete awe of her strength and positivity, given everything that she has faced.

Earlier this year Lindsay lost her mum to a long battle with cancer, she then shortly after faced lockdown and more bereavement within her family.

Lindsay is incredibly open about what she has been through this year and some may find her story quite emotional to listen to. She explains how it felt when her mum tried to claim on the terminal illness aspect of her life insurance, how this was rejected and the complex emotions that surrounded this. Lindsay then describes how that made her feel when she then stepped in to help her dad to make a death claim on the policy this year when her mum passed away, and the financial difficulties her father faced until the claim was paid.

We then talk about the support that Lindsay has received from Red Arc Nurses since the beginning of this year. She talks about the materials that they provided to help support her children facing so much death and lockdown within a short time period.

You can find the podcast HERE. It’s also on all major podcasting platforms.

Here are 3 key takeaways:

  1. The complex emotions that come with making a terminal illness claim.

  2. The financial difficulties that a family member can face until a life insurance claim is paid.

  3. The practical and emotional support that organisations like Red Arc can offer at the time of a claim and beyond.

Next time I will be chatting with Alan Knowles. We are going to be going through multiple case studies of arranging protection insurance for people that are seen to a high risk. We will also be chatting about his roles as Chair of the Protection Distributors Group and sitting on the Access to Insurance Working Group.

Once you have listened to the episode don’t forget to claim your CPD certificate HERE.

Kathryn Knowles, Cura Insurance

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