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How to post on Adviser Lounge

This place is great!

It is the place to go to see a bit of tree shaking – original concepts, sideways thinking – that sort of thing.

The posts have been really good quality, so I wanted to write a guide on how to make a post that keeps the standards up….

1 – Think for yourself Regurgitating someone else’s stuff is a bit lame, really.

2 – Don’t care how wild it is. This place is thankfully lacking in ego and is well monitored so has no trolling. That’s great when you want to put something out there that is a bit funky. I did a piece on whether it was right for advisers to pay platform fees, for goodness sake!! Can you imagine the kicking I would have got elsewhere? The ideas you have don’t need to have acceptance to be good, they just need to plant seeds for people to ruminate over at leisure.

3 – Don’t stress about volume The beauty of this place is people post when they have an idea, rather than having to squeeze the toothpaste tube of their brain dry to write something every week (ahem!!). Don’t worry if you only post once a year if that post is a blinder!!

I bet there are loads of other things too, so post comments to add to them if you want.

Finally, you want to have the sentiment of this song at heart when posting – it’s what I think of when I look at this place!! (be careful, though – it’s a little bit sweary)

Thanks all –

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