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How To Make The Most Of Vine

If you’ve been playing around with Vine( 6 second video sharing platform), Twitter’s latest hottest acquisition to position itself in the video-sharing market, you might have been wondering how you could use it for your brand. There are various good resources online that gave in depth analysis of Vine and how to use it but I wanted to write this to give you a quick overview of how your brand could be using it and some examples to get you kick started.

While the video in a loop and stop-motion creations of everyone with Vine can sometimes be slightly nauseating,  Vine can be a wonderful place to discover some clever simple content.  Studies have found attention spans have reduced to about 3-6 seconds which means Vine hits that target with 6 seconds.

Like any other network, there needs to be a sharing strategy. Why are you making this Vine(video)? Determine your audience and see what they are likely to share. 6 seconds might seem too short but if you have a look at the vines in this blog – you would be surprised how much 6 seconds can accomplish.

If you’ve not had a chance to play around with Vine yet, check out this fantastic guide from Mashable.

What’s great about Vine

1- Think of Vine as a lovechild of YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

2- 6 seconds: Vine is designed to spur your spontaneity – it’s on your mobile and you don’t have to think long and hard to make a video that you have to edit for hours. However, this doesn’t mean you can plan the 6 seconds in advance for your business channel. You can! Imagine how much lower your planning and production costs are with this.

3-  Hashtags: You can tag and search video’s just like you do on twitter. It also means you can use the same hashtag across all Twitter, Instagram and Vine for campaigns and events.

4- Geo-tagging: It gives you more visibility in local networks.

What’s not so great…

1- Limited Sharing: We all know it works with twitter but sharing with Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr from the app is difficult right now. Short-term solution: use Storify.

2- Originality: You can’t use pre-recorded clips so you have to act fast on your feet if you are not staging a video.

Some ideas to get you started…

1-       Do you have a new product coming out? Shoot a vine with different features.

2-      Interview colleagues or clients to embed in your blog.

3-      Show off your work space! This is great for event organisers and café’s.

4-      Are you launching a new campaign? Consider a summary of it in a Vine.

5-      Record a quick message

6-      Time-lapse video deconstructing or reconstructing an object.

7-       Are you at an event? Take a Vine of what speakers are saying or maybe a summary of the day.

8-      Staff day out? Dress down Friday? Vine it.

9-      If you are looking to bring a spark to your blog posts – consider doing a vine summary of what the blog is about. Tweet it out!

10-   If your products have different colours – or different sizes – demonstrate that in a vine. Viewers can .

11-    Quick interviews with clients and staff.

12-   Message from the CEO!

13-   Testimonials from happy event-goers or customers!

14-   Quick video with ‘the New line is –‘ get words strung together.

15-   If you are launching a brief or question to your online community – do a Vine!

16-   ‘Where we like to eat.’ Video

17-    ‘About US’ pages can become very boring. Vine can make it interesting. Think of doing a ‘this is our team’ vine with each staff member holding up a sign or maybe just smiling?

Some examples to inspire you….

1- The Obvious: Ads

This is a great place for you to make 6 second informal clip or a more creative one.

A brand doing it well: 

How @offers is creatively (and hilariously) using @vineapp to promote their brand: — Cision (@Cision) January 29, 2013

Our #firstpost on Vine! Definitely a strike, thanks to some last pin #magic. — Dove (@Dove) January 25, 2013

2- Sneak Peak or Behind the Scenes

A brand doing it well: 

There are some great feeds coming from New York and London Fashion Week. There was even a #VineWalk hashtag.

Known for his 'seductive little dresses' see the prep & final looks at Marios Schwab AW13 #LFW — London Fashion Week (@LondonFashionWk) February 17, 2013

A quick tour inside 30 Rock with @Twitter's new mobile app, Vine. — NBC News (@NBCNews) January 24, 2013

3- Events

A brand doing it well: 

Lunch break? Catch up with the #lgcomms conference – my #Vine shows you how — Rachel Miller, All Things IC (@AllthingsIC) January 30, 2013

4-How To videos or Product demonstrations

A brand doing it well: 

Just taught my daughter how to ride a bike!!! — bert kreischer (@bertkreischer) February 18, 2013

We're on Vine! Check out our first post, showing off some awesome new Ride Snowboards gear that just came in! — Philbrick's Sports (@Philbricksrides) February 14, 2013

5- Competitions…

A brand doing it well:

Check out Brandin6 – a marketplace for Vine creators and brands.

The simple kind

We're giving 5 people the chance to try the two flavours of #EggNSpoon– just retweet to be in this week's competition! — Cadbury UK (@CadburyUK) February 7, 2013

This is one of my favorite ones

Last chance to win £250 by sharing a video of your pet in our #PetVine competition. Get involved! ^JC — (@Confused_com) February 15, 2013

One of the entries for the competition

I’ve just created a #petvine video for a chance to win £250 with @confused_com — James Daw (@jamdaw) February 15, 2013

How do you know it’s working? Measure ROI with Simply Measured free analytic tool for twitter accounts with upto 100, 000 followers. You can also pit your vine analytics against other social networks.

Did you find this useful? Let me know in the comments below. You can follow my blog where I post on similar themes and much more.

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