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How do we get Younger Planners into the Profession?

As I write this, I am starting to feel slightly optimistic about the future of the Financial Planning Community. Rohan and I have been pleasantly surprised by the early numbers of Nextgen Planners

We already have 60 members in the Facebook group, many of whom are actively contributing and passing on best practice to fellow and aspiring planners. I have recorded 4 podcasts and we are due to launch on the 20th May with a small gathering in London. We have been contacted by various parties expressing their interest and support for the next generation of advisers.

What has blown me away, is how open and helpful leading financial planners have been.

I have spoken to a few over the past few weeks and not one has been protective about their success and advice. They all recognise that we must work together to really make financial planning a profession to be proud of. I often joke with Rohan that we want to make it “trendy to have a financial planner”. I am not sure how realistic that is, but its nice to have big goals.

My big question at this point, is how can we make people want to be a financial planner? Despite the optimism I have, I am still worried that there aren’t enough financial planners coming though, particularly when the statistics tell us that many will retire in the next 5-10 years. How do we get to the public and show that this is a career that means business?

Over to you guys!

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