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Empowering change

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The first-of-its-kind Conference for Financial Planners who are passionate about investing for good.

19th September 2024

Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

A new way to bring ideas together.


Designed specifically for Finance Pros

New, innovative voices on a huge topic

Our Community is acutely aware of the climate crisis, and the opportunity they have to make a difference.


GoodStock is not just an ESG conference, it is a three year project to change the face of financial planning conferences in the UK.

The GoodStock conference will not only give a platform to new ideas and new voices so that we can talk the talk, it will walk the walk by moulding a new conference format to last decades. 

Fun, friendly & engaging format

Edinburgh City
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30 Minute Keynotes


30 Minute Panels

Our full agenda and speaker list will be launched closer to the event.


Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

For GoodStock we have chosen a World Class science venue and planetarium that is focused on ESG and provides our attendees with an immersive experience that will encourage collaboration and innovation.

Great Transport Links


World Class Science Centre Focused on Sustainability


Access to local expertise in ESG


Delegate ticket revenues will be directed to carbon offset


All ticket revenue from this event will go towards carbon offset.

By attending GoodStock, you will be contributing directly to making a difference in the local area. All ticket revenue generated from this event will be given to the Lauriston Agroecology Farm in Edinburgh. This is a hundred acre farm, run by a workers cooperative that is focused on food growing, biodiversity, and community.


This event is exclusively for those who are passionate about green investing.

GoodStock offers a safe space to have meaningful conversations with your peers about this very important topic in our profession.

Our event is centered around new ideas, innovation and thinking about the future, with no judgment allowed. 


19th September 2024


You can purchase your ticket using our ticket link below. Tickets are very limited and once we are at capacity, that's it!

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Leave us a message and one of our team will get back to you shortly.

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