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Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail!! As quoted by Benjamin Franklin

I was asked to prepare an education slot for BNI Phoenix, at very short notice just before Christmas, and as my Company was at the time  working on these and currently finalising some of  the below, I thought I might share them.  I had some really good feedback and was asked to forward a copy, so I thought I could also share them with my friends here as my first post with you all. Undoubtedly, you will already be doing some or even all of these, so I hope you don’t mind me posting this as perhaps a refresher,  or perhaps just one or two points may be helpful to you or your team for the start of a successful 2013.

1. Review and update your Business process from a business point of view and from a technological point of view 2. Involve representatives from each department in Business Process Design and  Mapping within your CRM or database 3. Review and update your Business Plan 4. Clearly define Your Goals/Targets 5. Inform all/involve all staff to help agree/achieve Goals/ Targets.. 6. Review your fee/charge – Change at start of year (Advisers already completed this!) 7. Be prepared to answer the question of how your fee/charge is broken down. I.e. how much profit you will make on the service provided/deal…? (already completed by Advisers ). 8. Always Consider/have a Plan B wherever possible 9. Diarise Important Dates at the start of the year including time for holidays 10. Enjoy what you do.  If you are happy at work it will be infectious for the rest of your team.

Eileen Murphy of Informed Training – Wishing you a all a healthy, happy and successful 2013. – really enjoying helping our clients  save time and money,  by building their processes into their CRMs/Back Offices, training all the users and  to achieve more from their technology.

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