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Episodes 99 - 50

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Episode 99: How to Streamline Your Process with Stuart Mangion

Episode 98: Building Strong Business Values with Keith and John from Clarion

In this episode, Dan chats with Stuart Mangion from Blue Ocean Financial Services in Australia.


Here, they chat about the importance of streamlining the financial planning process, financial education, coffee cups and how to find the right balance.

In this episode, Dan chats with Christian Burgin, co-founder of Visible Capital in Edinburgh, UK.

They discuss the open banking and fintech trend,

and how it perhaps hasn’t kicked off as much as we thought it would have done a few years ago.

Episode 97: Being Yourself with Kunle Olafare

In this episode, Dan chats with Kunle Olafare, CEO of SK Financial, a financial planning firm in London.


Here, they chat about the need for authenticity in financial planning, how we can give back to the wider community, and some awesome music recommendations.

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