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Covid, Money & Life

Obviously, we are still not clear of Covid.

However, life will continue to go on even with or without Covid. We got to ensure we are the one who is standing on the stage and have control, because it is our life.

If this pandemic has taught us one thing, it would be this.

“Life is Fragile”

Our time on earth is limited, none of us know when is the final moment.

Imagine this, if you just been told that you are a confirmed case, and the chances of you not making this out alive is very high.

What would be the regrets you have? What are the things that you wanted to do, should have done, but have not done? What are those thing that you have been delaying because you thought you still have lots of time?

Will you still be worried about the stock market movement? Will you still be worried about interest rate movement?

To live our live to the fullest, we do not have to wait until we are ‘tagged’ by Covid-19. We can start taking proactive steps today. Ask yourself, what are the thing that you would like to do for yourself?

Below are three mindset you got to have in order to take control of your relationship with money so you can live the best life you want.

#1 Start with WHY

What are the things that are important to you? It is not money. Money, is just the “What”. We use it to buy something, to do something, to accomplish something. The more important question is “Why”. Why do you want to do this? Why is it important to you? Why do you want to accomplish it so badly? After understanding the Why, only will you have the courage to stick to the plan, and unleash your creativity to find out the “How”.

The Golden Circle, Start with Why, Simon Sinek.

#2 Think Financial Life Planning, not Financial Planning

Once you acknowledge that money is not the main show, but your life is, you can be free of the emotions you have on money.

You can focus on being yourself, spending your money on things that match with your values and principles. You will not be tempted to splash just right after you saw your friend’s posting their #YOLO post on their Instagram.

You will focus your energy on living a life that is truly yours, allocate your money to prepare for your future plans and also to live to the fullest, today. You don’t have to compromise your lifestyle today just to wait for a retirement 20 years later (that may not happen).

#3 Life is not a Spreadsheet

Obviously, we don’t live in the Matrix, our life is not defined by numbers, it is more than investment return or stock market movement.

Life is not a Spreadsheet. It is fragile, and is not a rehearsal. We cannot put our life into excel spreadsheet and say “I have done my Financial Planning”.

For us to stay content, our decision making will have to be aligned with who we are as a person.

Why not do something for yourself that you know you would not regret tomorrow?

Sometimes, we need to have an external voice to guide us to discover the answers to these questions. That is why it helps to discuss about this with someone who is there to provide an ears, and to provide you an objective view, and to coach you to be fearless while taking charge of your life.

If you feel that having a conversation about money & life at this point of time is a good thing to do, I urge you to talk about it today, but not putting it off to tomorrow.

Take proactive action to make your life happens. Don’t let life happens on you.

One more thing. Stay Safe. Wear your mask. But let free of yourself to live the life that you know belongs to you.

Kevin K.M. Neoh, MBA, CFP CERT TM

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