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New for 2023:

Master your communication skills.


What is this?

This programme has been launched as this is by far the biggest area that our members want to improve on when we ask them.


We want to help the next generation of financial planners become more confident and deliver world class financial planning to all of their clients.


No one has mastered this area of financial planning. So, we will learn from each other, share ideas and support our peers to improve this crucial part of being a financial planner.

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What do you cover?

Here is what we cover in each cohort of the two different programmes:


Client Meeting Skills

  • Understanding the value that you deliver

  • Introducing the key components of disclosure

  • Introducing the key components of the fact find

  • Asking high quality open questions

  • Developing high quality listening skills

  • Understanding what motivates your client to make a decision

  • Understanding the 6 universal principles of influence

  • Introducing the your solution to the client

  • Explaining complicated concepts in simple terms

  • Presenting your solution


Financial Planning Tools & Techniques

  • Which type of financial planner are you?

  • Going past operational necessities to find the real value

  • Creating an experience for your client

  • Setting out a space of safety and trust

  • Next level opening questions

  • Deepening the conversation

  • Learning to really listen

  • Elegantly pivoting to the practicalities

All sessions are live, recorded virtual sessions where you will have space to ask plenty of questions.

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These two new programmes are free of charge to NextGen Planners members.

Not a member yet? You can sign up below for just £12.49 + VAT, with no minimum contract along with lots of other awesome benefits!

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