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Career Spotlight – Siân Davies Cole

What is your name?

Siân Davies Cole

What is your occupation?

Chartered Paraplanner and Director

Where do you live?


When did you start your career in finance? How did you get into it?

Like most people I know, by accident!

I left school having obtained my GCSEs, and had no particular interest in going to university. I managed to forge a career in Waitrose management however I knew that it wasn’t forever as I just didn’t have a passion for retail. So I decided that I need to further my education and signed up to a college course to help give me the necessary qualifications to go to university. After completing the course, I decided a gap year was in order which has not yet ended!

After leaving college I secured a role at HSBC and the rest, as they say is history.

What would be your biggest piece of advice to someone coming into the financial planning profession?

You have made a good choice! Appreciate everything that comes across your desk as most of the knowledge you need will be learnt through experience rather than exams, but appreciate that exams are necessary to complete your circle of knowledge.

How would you define your personal mission?

I want to make a difference to people whether that is by providing support to allow Financial Planners to do the job they want to do (and are good at), or clients to achieve their objectives or aspiring Paraplanners to achieve their career goals.

How would you define your personal vision?

To live a contented life, appreciate everything and be the change.

How would you define your personal values?

Be honest with myself and others always.

Keep a fully open mind and refrain from being judgemental (as much as possible)

What is your greatest achievement outside of work?

Being a mum. I’m not one of those women who always knew she wanted children or felt a calling to be pregnant so it all felt very much like a massive deal (and still does). Going through pregnancy, birth and bringing up a child has opened my eyes to a whole new world of both mental and physical challenges. I have always been able to deal with change and I feel that the last few years have helped take my mental resilience to another level.

What is the greatest book you have ever read that helped you in your career?

Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

What is your most valuable asset of being a NextGen Planners member?

Being part of a group that share similar professional values to me and the members just generally being as open as I want to be.

(Only answer this one if you truly want to…) Who is your favourite NextGen Planners member?

This will always go to Rohan for starting this fabulous movement!

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