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Business Development Ideas for Advisers – the MPAF Podcast

I’ve just interviewed Phil Young for an upcoming episode of the Marketing Protection and Finance (MPAF) Podcast. We had a great chat about business development, content marketing, the success of Adviser Lounge and blogging in general. In advance of Phil’s episode going live in mid-September, here’s some information on the podcast and the interviews you can download so far.

What is the MPAF Podcast?

It’s for providers and advisers looking to share business ideas and inspiration in the world of protection and finance. Lasting about 30 minutes, each edition is an interview with an adviser, provider, journalist or expert covering business development and marketing ideas. Interviews to listen to in the car, on the train or on the treadmill.

Here are the episodes available now:

MPAf10 Peter Le Beau on the Seven Families Campaign for Income Protection

MPAF9 Andy Lopata on Effective Networking and Referrals

MPAF8 – Simon Ryan talks Online Marketing for Advisers

MPAF7 – Lynda Cox on Medical Professionals and Niche Product Development

MPAF6 – Derek Bradley on Panacea Adviser and Online Communities

MPAF5 – Phil Knight on PMI Podcasting and Social media

MPAF4 – Edmund Tirbutt on Financial Media Case Studies and Storytelling

MPAF3 – Alan Lakey on Critical Illness Cover

MPAF2 – Pete Chadborn on Financial Adviser Business Models

MPAF1 – Lucian Camp on Financial Services Advertising

You can find out more about the podcast, and read the show notes for each edition by visiting the podcast website here.  Or have a look on iTunes.

And if you fancy appearing on the MPAF Podcast to talk about your business model, or a campaign you are running, please do get in touch.

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