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Build from the back

Education must start in schools, but I don’t want it taught as an extra curriculum topic, sponsored by big finance companies. Like all good education it needs to run through what is taught day to day.

So in maths, focus on percentages and use pension as examples of calculations. In history talk about how social security system started, the demographic at the time. In modern studies talk about political challenges of reform, and also future demographics and how things are clearly unsustainable.

Talk about personal accountability, underpinned by state support, not the other way around.

Sure it can be supplemented by support from industry, but this needs to run through the system, not at the side of it.

Then add compulsion, we must move to compulsion quicker than governments are willing.

We must build from the back. We will have lost years, but unless we fundamentally reform the approach we will have lost multiple generations. Many parallels from the sporting world. Cycling, German football – all success stories.

We must move to fix the problem long term, accepting that some people won’t be happy over the short term. What’s the alternative? The Scottish football team springs to mind!

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