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Find your new financial planning stars

A collection of events in partnership with the PFS to unite awesome financial planning employers with talented young graduates.



These sessions are completely virtual events using state of the art video conferencing methods.

Engage with your new financial planning stars from the
comfort of your own desk.

Our Boot Camps are a fantastic way for employers looking to grow and graduates looking for an opportunity to come together for a virtual day of activities, relationships and fun!

We have various dates at numerous universities near you, including:

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Involvement from employers

These sessions have been designed to allow the graduates to show off their skills in a friendly but pressurised setting. 

Therefore, you can either get fully involved (still allowing for the graduates to show off their skills) or you can take back seat and watch. It's completely up to you.

If any of the delegates catch your eye, you can arrange to contact them afterwards.

The Activities

Here's a brief outline of the timetable for each Boot Camp:

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The Cost


That's right, free.

Just like in previous years, we don't charge for these events. 

This is because we feel passionate about the future of financial planning and we want to bring down the barriers to entry,
not make them higher.


Are these events virtual or in-person?

These sessions are held virtually, on Zoom. This is to make sure that everybody can attend in a safe manner and allows us to reach all areas of the UK.

Should you want to meet any of the delegates afterwards in-person, you can organise this with the graduates directly.

What will I need to do to prepare?

You do not need to prepare anything for the day. Your role is simply to assess the graduates on the day and provide feedback.

Who is running the events?

These unique events are organised and hosted by Adam Owen, who is the Director and Head of Content at NextGen Planners and Past President of the Personal Finance Society (PFS).

Adam will be joined by Vivine Cameron. Education Partnerships Manager at the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Do I need to attend the Boot Camp that is closest to me?

There is no need to attend the Boot Camp closest to you. You can attend whichever session you prefer.

Join in:

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