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Recognising the leading training programs in the financial planning profession.

We provide our members with the confidence that they are choosing a compliance firm whose values are aligned with theirs.

Accredited Compliance Provider

Financial Planning firms want to feel confident that their compliance providers are the right fit.

What's included:


Approval from a trusted community of financial planners


A badge of endorsement that proves accreditation


Inclusion within the NextGen Planners Directory

What accreditation gives you:

Trained properly.png

Credibility from a trusted resource for financial planners


A tool to provide integrity in your marketing mix


A method to valuably promote your services to financial planners

Our Process:

1. Application

This is where we begin to get to know you and your firm. There is no commitment at this stage, you are just helping us to understand the core details of your service and the values that you live by.

2. Assessment

We put you through your paces so that our members can be sure that you are going to do a fantastic job for them and you can show the profession how awesome your are.

3. Award

If you are successful, this is the best part. We send you an ace certificate and promote your awesomeness everywhere. You get to use the NextGen Planners Accredited Compliance Provider logo and we invite you to our events and other cool stuff.

4. Review

Every year, you get to go through our rigorous assessment interview again so that we can update your accreditation with the things you have done to innovate and drive the compliance profession forward. Plus, we make sure that you are still cool.


Initial Accreditation:



Annual Renewal:



Schedule a call:

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Book in a quick call with our Head of Content, Adam Owen.

Find out more about our process and the programme and get any questions answered.

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