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5 Key Takeaways from my interview with Martin Bamford

Some of you may or may not know, but Rohan Sivajoti and I setup Nextgen Planners as a way of sharing best practice from inside and outside the profession.

This week we launched the Nextgen Planners Podcast. You can find us here on itunes – Nextgen Planners Podcast

I also thought it would be good to list my 5 key takeaways from that interview which I think you will find very interesting:

  1. Martin dedicates a large part of his working life to creating content both for the profession and his audience

  2. He has decided in the last few years to really develop his Niche as a Later Life Adviser

  3. He has built his large Social Media following by being consistent and building it into his daily routine

  4. Informed Choice have a comprehensive marketing strategy focused on clients in Cranleigh

  5. Martin has experienced working from the bottom to MD of a family business and has succeeded.

It really is a fascinating insight into the work that Martin Bamford does and there was lots of value I picked up personally.

Next week we interview Gavin Bell, an expert in creating Facebook Advertisements.

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Adam Carolan

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